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Building The Next Wave of Web3 Innovations

Opening Web3 to the next wave of a million dapps through collaborative execution & strategic transitioning into blockchain technology to catch the wave of web3 advancement and surf the wave to innovative blockchain solutions.

Cross Your Web3 Hurdles.

Limited tech knowledge?

We've got you covered! You don't need to be a technical expert to build and benefit from blockchain technology. Our team of developers will take care of the heavy lifting, to your taste.

Unsure of where to start BUIDLing?

Getting started with Web3 can be overwhelming. We are here to help. We'll be your guide to navigate DeFi & the Web3 ecosystem, providing you with the required resources & skills to surf the space like a pro. 

Ideation blockers?

Let us help you make waves! From ideation to implementation, openwaver provides extensive support to develop and bring to production chain-breaking & viral product ideas!

Deterring high costs?

Surfing the web3 waves shouldn't break the bank! We fork off cost concerns with affordable and bespoke pricing packages to build the next Opensea with you without breaking the bank. 

Why Trust Openwaver?

Openwaver's commitment to transparency, reliability, and security ensures that your trust is well-placed in our hands!

Trust openwaveProduct-Proven Expertise

Our team of expert developers has extensive experience in Web3 development, up-to-date with the latest trends, and providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Trust openwave3 years of experience

Openwaver has built Web3 products & provided development services for more than 3 years. 

Trust openwaveAn Engaging Community of 50k+

Built a vibrant and engaged community of 50k+ individuals passionate about catching the wave of Web3 innovation, which speaks to the quality of our products.

Trust openwaveFree Mint NFT Collection

Our NFT project demonstrates our commitment to leveling the entry barrier into the Web3 ecosystem. Handle only gas fees to mint an awesome NFT. We’re in it for the Tech!

Trust openwaveProduct Pipeline

Our robust product pipeline is constantly evolving to bring innovative solutions to market and meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Trust openwaveTransparency & Communication

We take the client along every step of the development process as we build, collaborating with them to make every critical decision and break down technical concepts if need be to level the communication barrier.

what we do

Our Solutions

Openwaver takes appropriate measures to protect its clients' data and privacy, such as using secure technology, adhering to industry standards, and being transparent about its security practices.

DeFi Consultation & Integrationbeta

Get veteran insights on navigating and engaging the DeFi ecosystem as well as customizing your solution to fit into space. We also offer the following services

  • → DEX development
  • → Token design
  • → Interoperability solutions exploration
  • → Bespoke protocols

Non-Fungible Tokenization

From ideation to implementation, our well-experienced team of NFT creators, developers and marketers will collaboratively bring your creative ideas to life and kick start your community around it.

Dapp Development

Innovative and tailored approach for highly secure and scalable dapps development for creators and businesses with the aim to disrupt the web.

Smart Contract
Development & Auditing

Openwaver develops industry-standard smart contracts to check out the boxes of security, efficiency and scalability. We also provide comprehensive auditing and deployment services.

what we do

Openwaver Products

Everything you need to always have sharp focus and crush it.



Meme Marketplace

A memecoin inventory and data aggregator. Built to give memecoin traders a new and exciting way to explore the world of all low-cap coins. Discover the next bluechip project before the world.

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NFT Collections

A free-mint 5k NFT collectibles. The collectible is poised at opening up an opportunity for new collectors to catch the web3 wave with zero cost and in turn drive NFT adoption even further.

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Web3 Passport

The Openwaver product ecosystem NFT Pass. Grants free access to all Openwaver's products for 3 years!

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Learn about new innovations in Web3 and fresh updates & product guides from Openwaver!

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